Offshore wind O&M

Grimsby has been home to offshore wind since the Lynn & Inner Dowsing wind farms began construction in 2006. That first installation was officially opened in 2008 and has been followed by a huge expansion in the number and scale of wind farms using Grimsby as a base for operations and maintenance. This massive growth means that Grimsby is now the heart of O&M for offshore wind with 5GW installed power by 2022.

The offshore wind supply chain is big and growing.

Wind farm statistics

WindfarmCommissionedTurbinesNoCapacity (MW)
Lynn & Inner Dowsing2008Siemens 3.6-10754194
Lincs2013Siemens 3.6-12075270
Westermost Rough2015Siemens 6.0-15430210
Humber Gateway2015MHI Vestas V112 3.073219
Race Bank2018Siemens 6.0-15491573
Hornsea 1due 2020Siemens 7MW1741200
Triton Knolldue 2022MHI Vestas V164-9.590857
Hornsea 2due 2022Siemens 8MW1651400


Leading the way with smart charging of electric vehicles is myenergi. They are a rapidly expanding and innovative company from the the Humber, soon to move into their new head office and manufacturing base in Stallingborough.


Hydrogen is referred to as a different colour depending on its source:

  • Brown – made from coal or more recently from waste to energy incinerators
  • Grey – made from natural gas
  • Blue – grey hydrogen plus Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Green – made from water using renewable sources of electricity to drive hydrolysis

Hydrogen projects in the Humber include

Gigastack – a green hydrogen project, taking the output from Hornsea 2 offshore wind farm. Project partners are ├śrsted, Phillips 66, ITM Power and Element Energy.

H2HSaltend – a blue hydrogen project. The project is led by Equinor.