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Rix Shipping

Rix Shipping and Rix Shipping Scotland, are part of JR Rix & Sons group of companies.

The history of Rix Shipping is vast. Founded in 1873, JR Rix & Sons is a 5th generation family owned business involved in a large range of activities ranging from commercial, residential, industrial and marine fuel distribution, fuel cards, ship owning, stevedoring, warehousing and offshore wind farm support to holiday home manufacturing, car retail and property, through a number of subsidiaries of which the largest is Rix Petroleum Ltd.

Rix Shipping is the oldest of the Rix group of companies, established in 1950. The success story started in 1927 with Robert Rix and Sons importing tractor vaporising oil for the post-war agricultural revolution. Lamp oil, packed in oak casks was also carried from Russia to the Humber on Rix ships. In 1939 Rix owned eleven ships spread between four companies.

Our roots were established in Scotland in 1958 when Rix Shipping Ltd began carrying agricultural limestone from Whitby to North Eastern Scottish ports as well as chalk. In the early 60's Rix Limes Ltd was formed to supply lime to the Scottish agricultural market through an extensive network of inland depots serviced by road/rail from Montrose where it was imported on Rix dry cargo ships. This lime was sourced from Humber quarries and transported by rail to Hull docks for forwarding to Montrose where it was discharged by J. M. Piggins Ltd, later to become Piggins Rix Ltd and known today as Rix Shipping Scotland Ltd.

Today Rix Shipping and Rix Shipping Scotland Ltd, operates a fleet of ships, including tankers, barges and crew transfer vessels. We also have a substantial land and warehousing operation in the Port of Montrose and near King George Dock, in Hull.

Address: Witham House, 45 Spyvee Street, Hull, HU8 7JR


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