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Beckett Planning Solutions (BPS) Ltd
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Beckett Planning Solutions (BPS) Ltd

Effective planning can make or break a project. Traditionally, project planning has been the remit of larger businesses, but now BPS Ltd are bringing their experience in professional project planning to Small – Medium Enterprises (SME) businesses and individuals in the Lincolnshire, Humber, Yorkshire regions and beyond.

A project can include hundreds, if not thousands of activities, decisions and resources. Often these are interdependent and time critical. Problems or delays can cascade down and impact the whole project, causing costly delays, missed deadlines and project overspends.

For individuals and companies with little or no professional planning expertise or resource, the smart move is to outsource this activity. Our innovative approach now makes planning services accessible to smaller businesses and individuals.

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If you want to know more about GRP, would like to join, host an event or sponsor a meeting then get in touch with Maggie Johnson via our contact form.
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